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Corydon Construction


Swish Co-create



The Minor Illness & Injury Clinic

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Rythm & Brunch


883 Corydon Avenue - for rent


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Expand your business in this high foot traffic area in the heart of Corydon Village. This approximately 1600sf building is situated right on Corydon avenue, offering foot traffic, high visibility, and is surrounded by a bustling business community. This space offers a welcoming front reception with cozy sitting area, 6 full offices, a board room, two bathrooms and parking in the rear of the building. Opportunity for prominent signage right on Corydon avenue. Inquire for further details and make your move to this booming area today!


NV Eye Care Eye Wear

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heartSway Counselling and Peer Support

Janelle, and heartSway Counselling and Peer Support Inc., centrally located at 489 Corydon, offers a unique approach to those wishing to lead more fulfilling and peaceful lives. Visitors at heartSway can expect to be met with empathy and open-hearted, non-judgmental support. Compassionate conversations will be guided by your needs and desires, not by any specific therapeutic agenda.

Peer Support is often defined as a relationship that two or more people have who share a common experience or struggle. Peer Support is often offered to those who are experiencing mental or physical health challenges, such as grief, illness, addictions, anxiety or chronic pain, just to name a few. Peer Support is about building relationships and personal growth.

Janelle's lived experience with both a personal mental health recovery journey and supporting a family member with an anxiety disorder and special needs, informs the support she offers. Janelle is an active member of CMHA, who's role, amongst others, is to integrate Peer Support into the broader Mental Health system. Janelle is proud to be Manitoba's first Board Certified Peer Support Provider (PSC).

As a Certified Mental Health Counsellor, Janelle integrates helpful Counselling techniques such as reflective listening, supportive inquiry and coping strategies to support others in their desire to change and lead more fulfilling lives.

You may ask, "What is a Resilience Coach?" Resilience is the ability to recover from a challenge or set back, much like an elastic band that returns to its shape after its been stretched. When loss, change, uncertainty or trauma enters our lives, our own resilient nature helps us to ride the bumpy seas and may eventually help us recognize the lesson or potential gift of the journey. This is where Janelle's role as a Resilience Coach can help. She is available to remind you of your own natural resilience and strength, and to help you grow that ability to navigate those stormy seas.

For further information, please contact heartSway directly at 204-799-7692 (call or text)

website- or
Fb- @heartswaycounselling


Learn French with Alliance Française

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Luigi damato mayor awards 2018


Corydon Avenue Food and Neighbourhood Walking Tour

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Corydon Avenue Food and Neighbourhood Walking Tour

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Rythum & Brunch


Angelica Skye Fashion Boutique

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Redfox Bakery


Aschenti Cocoa


Roll Cake Bakery


NV Eye Care & Eye Wear


Things Shop Spring Even


It all started when...

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Rhythm & Brunch


Aurora Pizza Now Open


Culinary Creations by Chef Rob


Aurora Pizzeria and Cafe

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Cocoa Beans Now Open

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Foundations In Meditation


Foundations In Meditation

with Chad Cornell

Starting January 2016

Ground - Calm - Center

This 6 week Tuesday evening meditation series is designed establish or re-establish one in a meditation practice.  Accompanying lifestyle and diet suggestions available for those interested.

We will review some core principles and techniques, as well as time honored ways to reach deep states of calm, insight, and healing.

Space is limited so please call or email Hollow Reed to register.  Suggested donation for the series is $60 - $120. 

(204) 786-0820


The Enigma Escape


the GLAM bar

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Corydon's Holiday Open House


Things Shop Holiday Shopping


Pure Escape November


Now Open: the Glam bar


We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new full service salon and spa in the heart of Corydon Avenue. After a 18 month planing process and a six month construction time, we are set to open in late October.

Our goal is to provide an experience the Winnipeg market has yet to see. The quality of services is our top priority, ensuring each guest leaves the premises fully satisfied while the ambiance we set will set you miles away with an LA inspired design of high fashion. At over 3000 square feet, our facility is able to accommodate large groups and events, yet by design, will allow for an intimate setting for each individual guest for their day of treatments and services.

Taking it up a notch, our roof top patio - available for large group bookings will be available to your group as you spend the day with us. With a full catering menu, including wine service, you will feel like a celebrity for the day.

Head on over to our website and follow us on Instagram and find us on Facebook to keep up

as we near the opening date by searching for theglambarwinnipeg. 



Now Open: Arabesque


Arabesque is a Middle Eastern restaurant and hookah lounge that is halal certified. It is an environment that is a great place to hang out and have specialty Turkish coffee or enjoy a full meal trying their specialty, house made Shawarma. Mohammad Naser and Heba Abdel-Hamid are co-owners each with strong community ties and passion for quality food and service. Mohammed is Palestinian with a background in psychology. He was a successful businessman and contractor for the United Nations in Syria and came to Winnipeg in 2012. Heba recently obtained a graduate degree in peace and conflict studies from the University of Manitoba.  Arabesque is committed to community engagement, creating an inclusive space while providing an authentic Middle Eastern experience.




Hello from Nancy and welcome to the Aromatherapy News from Hollow Reed. It looks like we're going to have a wonderful winter with all of the amazing aromatic oils that we have to work with around here. After many moons of research, dreaming, planning and sourcing we are finally ready to launch our new aromatherapy line. Some of the same oils that have always been in our shop will stay and some will be new and exciting. The main focus, of course, is quality, and we are excited to share the new oils that we have sourced for their sustainability and their beauty. These oils are truly divine and I am so grateful to pour them every day. I think you'll love them too~

To celebrate our new line of oils, we are hosting a few workshops. First, in our own lovely classroom at Hollow Reed Holistic Centre, the Aromatherapy Base Camp Basics. On November 5th, 3-5 pm, we will discuss the how's and wise of essential oils (practical applications to make better use of your investment) the changing face of the aromatherapy industry, and the main oils for Winter Wellness. So many sniffs to sample and enjoy. Space is limited and already filling up! To register please email $40 per person or register to bring a friend and pay $35 each...

This Sunday, October 23, we will pop up an elixir bar at the Graffiti Gallery. From 1-4 is the Wonderland Kids Dance Party. Come out for some silly fun and a lot of yum~ 

I am also offering The Aromatic Jollies - Essential Oils for Hot Sex in Cold Times at Rising Moon Curiosity on  November 20. This is going to be a blast and comes with a language warning!

As the sacredness of the season approaches, I will be offering GOLD, FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH - a custom blend for gift giving and self care at  Yoga at St. Mark's. This will be on November 26. 

And there's more, but I'll save it for the next mail out~ Come by anytime to enjoy our testers, have a cup of tea and explore our new Used book section. Thank you for supporting Hollow Reed and yourself, with plant spirit medicine~


The barricades are down

The barricades are down, the pylons have all disappeared and the asphalt has cured. The corner of Corydon Ave and Lilac Street is once again alive and looking spectacular. And now it’s time to celebrate.

After weeks of construction replacing the sidewalks and resurfacing the street from Lilac to Stafford, Corydon Ave and Lilac Street businesses have a couple of reasons to celebrate.

 “Not only do we want to show off the new area,” said Sharon Anseeuw-Lamoureux of Upstairs For Hair at 250 Lilac Street  “But we also  want to thank our loyal customers and clients who still supported us throughout the disruption.”

Joining Upstairs For Hair in Saturday’s celebration is Radiance Gifts, Angles Hair Design, Food Fare, Humbolt’s Legacy, Beyond Flowers, October Boutique, The Pennyloaf Bakery, Things Antiques, Santa Lucia and many more businesses in the area.

Angles Hair Design and Upstairs For Hair will be offering haircuts in the Food Fare parking from 11:00am to 3:00pm for charity as a special thank you. Stop by for a trim or cut with the proceeds going to support Team Cornell and the Health Sciences Center Foundation. The five-member group, made up of Jodi Moskal, Lisa Webinger, Lisa Dyck, Aaron DeGroot and David Van Hooren are attempting to raise a total of $50,000 for the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation as part of the annual Celebrity Human Race.

Radiance Gifts at 975 Corydon is celebrating 21 years in business on Corydon Ave by offering 21% off everything in store. “Our customers didn’t seem to mind the disruption over the last few weeks and we really want to thank them,” said Lisa Tjaden.

Humbolt’s Legacy at Lilac are having a Storewide Sale featuring clothing, shoes, storage, toys, housewares at 20% to 70% off.

There will be draws throughout the day with prizes from many merchants including Nelson River Construction. Free hot dogs and drinks will be available in the Food fare parking and an abundance of cake, cupcakes and other treats will be all through the area.