Manitoba’s Largest Outdoor Shopping Centre.

There are very few areas in the city of Winnipeg where you will find as much variety in the number of different retail stores as are in the Corydon Avenue Business Improvement Zone. Almost everything is available here - Antiques Dealers, Fashion for all ages, Glass and Pottery Giftware, Classic and Inuit Art, Crystals and Well-Being Literature, Florists, Hardware, Grocery, Deli and Fine Food, Specialty Books, Home Furnishings, Jewelry, and many other interesting items to browse.

Unique and original stores, like Radiance and Nunavut Gallery, are examples of the eclectic mix of businesses that are to be found on Corydon Avenue. They provide access to products not easily found elsewhere. Excellent advise and competent service is the norm when you are dealing with one of our area experts. This high level of customer attention it is why shoppers are confident in recommending Corydon Avenue to their friends. Unique and original, wild and wonderful - it is all here for the discerning shopper.

Your purchases may even go to support a worthwhile cause. Such is the case with Things, a consignment boutique that supports the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Fashion Police are not required on Corydon Avenue. Here there are a range of fashion retailers for every taste, style, and budget. Children's wear, funky creations, high formal, shoes, hats, sports techwear, sunglasses and accessories - all to be found within one business community.

Take the time to talk with the shop keepers, you may find new interests or activities. Corydon Hardware has been a fixture in the area for over 30 years, and they are ready to offer expert advise to their customers anytime it is required. Along with the established businesses there are many newer shops that have opened on Corydon Avenue recently. Designing Divas Floral Shoppe, The Frenchway Café & Bakery, and Hollow Reed Holistic are new locations to explore and enjoy. Always vibrant and actively growing - Corydon Avenue remains as Winnipeg’s favourite outdoor shopping destination.