Take a stroll around Corydon Avenue to view the interesting and artistic new murals that are being added to the visual landscape of the neighbourhood, promoting the idea of the “Avenue of the Arts”, by adding art through large murals that are recognized art pieces. Over time, Corydon has become home to murals, sculptures and many other works of art both public and private. Below are a few of the more prominent pieces throughout the neighbourhood.

Doors of the World (Hugo Street Piazza)

 (Artists: M. Saint Hilaire and M. van Leeuwen)


This mural aims to celebrate multiculturalism and immigration through a collection of doors and birds from around the world which symbolize the diverse character and beauty of mixed cultures, embracing opportunity and change. Famous doors from around the world included in this mural are: Kom-El-Shuqafa Tom/Egypt, Royal Palace/Spain, Jules Laviotte-Architect/France, Barretstown Caste/Ireland, St.Basil’s Cathedral/Russia, Florence Baptistry, by Ghiberti/Italy. Viewers can visit Hugo Piazza and experience this original artwork in a new way ever time.