Hello from Nancy and welcome to the Aromatherapy News from Hollow Reed. It looks like we're going to have a wonderful winter with all of the amazing aromatic oils that we have to work with around here. After many moons of research, dreaming, planning and sourcing we are finally ready to launch our new aromatherapy line. Some of the same oils that have always been in our shop will stay and some will be new and exciting. The main focus, of course, is quality, and we are excited to share the new oils that we have sourced for their sustainability and their beauty. These oils are truly divine and I am so grateful to pour them every day. I think you'll love them too~

To celebrate our new line of oils, we are hosting a few workshops. First, in our own lovely classroom at Hollow Reed Holistic Centre, the Aromatherapy Base Camp Basics. On November 5th, 3-5 pm, we will discuss the how's and wise of essential oils (practical applications to make better use of your investment) the changing face of the aromatherapy industry, and the main oils for Winter Wellness. So many sniffs to sample and enjoy. Space is limited and already filling up! To register please email $40 per person or register to bring a friend and pay $35 each...

This Sunday, October 23, we will pop up an elixir bar at the Graffiti Gallery. From 1-4 is the Wonderland Kids Dance Party. Come out for some silly fun and a lot of yum~ 

I am also offering The Aromatic Jollies - Essential Oils for Hot Sex in Cold Times at Rising Moon Curiosity on  November 20. This is going to be a blast and comes with a language warning!

As the sacredness of the season approaches, I will be offering GOLD, FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH - a custom blend for gift giving and self care at  Yoga at St. Mark's. This will be on November 26. 

And there's more, but I'll save it for the next mail out~ Come by anytime to enjoy our testers, have a cup of tea and explore our new Used book section. Thank you for supporting Hollow Reed and yourself, with plant spirit medicine~